2017 EP

  • Of Sound Mind & Memory is a somber and deeply personal reflection on life and the human condition.
    This 4-track EP features stripped down versions of Aristophanes, Machines and Men, For the Fickle, and Wildwood.
Released on the 30th of April 2017
Photography by Kimberlee Balmes  |  Hair and Make-up by Sylvina Lopez  |  Art Direction by Pau Tiu and Dyam Gonzales  |  Shirt Design by Pau Tiu

I. Aristophanes

Aristophanes is a retelling of its namesake’s speech from Plato’s Symposium. Born out of a particularly unforgettable Theology lesson, this song is about pining for true love, and how our whole lives are oriented towards finding our missing half.

II. Machines and Men

Machines and Men tells the story of human life, from birth to death. We come into this world brand new, and we get scarred, bruised, and tested as we grow up. As we live and learn, somewhere along the way we come to realize that we are not as strong and invincible as before. This song is about a body that observes itself adapting, developing, and eventually deteriorating over time.

III. For the Fickle

For the Fickle is about wanting nothing more but a love that is steady, safe, and sure. It is about the compromises and excuses we make to cover for a half-hearted love that we keep accepting, but don’t deserve.

IV. Wildwood

Wildwood is a song about finding peace, joy, and contentment in realizing that you don’t need much to truly live and feel alive. This was written during a profoundly unforgettable 2-week long vacation in New Zealand.