• Reese Lansangan is an indie pop-folk artist from Manila who writes songs about good grammar, creepy stalkers,

    and the solar system among other things.

She fancies writing about universal feelings that aren’t usually talked about in pop music. Slightly crude and sometimes crass, she’s relentless in letting the world know of her opinion.

With her signature wit, tongue-in-cheek humor, and vocal looping prowess, Reese commands the stage with her awkward banter and her ability to connect with people who appreciates general weirdness, injected into pop earworms.

Her first music video was directed by Gerard Lopez.

She was personally handpicked to write a wedding song for the union of one of the biggest celebrity couples in the Philippines. The video has garnered 2.5 Million views as of Feb 2016.

In August of 2015, her original song “A Song About Space” was chosen to be the theme song of HP Asia’s promotional advertisement for the HP X2 laptop.

Reese was flown to Singapore to shoot the HP X2 commercial along with three other artists from Southeast Asia (Benzilla of Thailand, Laurentius Rando of Indonesia, and Gin Lam of Singapore).


Reese stars in her very first solo TVC for Sky Cable – the Philippine’s largest cable television provider. Her original song “Exploration No. 5″ became the commercial’s theme song.

Subsequently, the same song has been used as the opening track of the hit local movie “Camp Sawi”, director Irene Villamor and produced by top film director Joyce Bernal.



The First Album

  • Reese’s debut album, “Arigato, Internet!” is her homage to the world wide web.

Featuring 11 original songs, she covers every kind of feeling there is – from waiting for a crush to go online, to the annoyance you feel in every misused punctuation, to the wonderment of being a speck against the vast universe.

The unique packaging (designed by Reese herself) features 12 interchangeable covers of surreal photographs, each thematically corresponding to a song in her album.

Photography by Shutterpanda and Andrea Beldua


Arigato, Internet! was launched last December 2015 with more than 600 attendees, held at Green Sun, Makati City.

  • Arigato, Internet ! is … complete, cohesive, and self-contained… There’s more than enough variety to keep the tracks from coalescing into one blob of sound, but more importantly there’s motion. There’s story. Each song is a snapshot of a specific moment. Stitched together like this it becomes a gradient of water, sky, water.
    Amanda Uy